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Great Minds

Here at Warren, a lot of things matter. Our collection is a big one, our partnerships make it all possible, our history has branded us. What matters the most? The one thing that we can never recreate, our team.

There’s a French term that I’m sure all you Oenophiles have heard of, and it unfortunately can’t be translated simply into the English language. Terroir, the combination of influence that is distinct to a particular place. Used to describe wine growing conditions, this term represents soil, climate, wind, rain, sunlight, and just about everything else that is specific to a single location, all of those factors lending to a unique expression.

Our team is our terroir, the most contributing factor to what we do, unique to a particular place and time, representative of everyone involved.

Meet BC Case, our spiritual advisor.

Now, If you know Warren, you know Fitzy. John (Fitz) runs the Warren bar on the other coast and is our go to guy for brown spirits education. (See what Fitzy is up to here)

With Fitz being the OG spiritual advisor, we knew those would be some hard shoes to fill.

BC has been collecting whiskey and whiskey knowledge since 2015. In a room filled with over 650 spirits, he’s the guy that can walk you through it, collecting stories with every bottle he encounters. He’s passionate too, and always the first to try whatever cool new release we got in. (Check out BC’s whiskey blog here)

Our Warren cocktail club is something special, a place where WCC members can come together to enjoy experiences with likeminded people. BC plays an important role in making that room feel like you’re at home, sipping on your favorite bourbon with a good friend.

Every single person on this team brings something unique to the table (literally).

We are individuals, each with our own skill sets, that all have one thing in common: the passion to create an experience. Together, we are our own terroir, something you can only experience in one special place, different at each time, unique to our team.

BC’s Featured Bottle:

Colonel EH Taylor Straight Rye 

Frankfort, Kentucky 

100 Proof

$17 / Ounce

“I like this bottle a lot because it started a new love and respect for Rye whiskey for me, personally. 

On the nose, there is a very strong presence of oak, unlike many rye whiskies out there. There is a hint of pepper, as well as orchid fruits such as apple and pear. 

The mouthfeel is lucious and welcoming, the palate showing typical rye notes of cinnamon and nutmeg, followed by something truly unique to me, Granny Smith apple. 

Without an intense heat that comes along with most ryes, it makes for a very inviting and pleasant choice for someone looking to get into rye.”

Stop in and sip on the Colonel Taylor Straight Rye with us!



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