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Up And Coming

Here at Warren, we seek out challenges, excitement, and change. What we’ve created here encompasses all of those elements. Consistency matters, and our day-to-day operations reflect just that-consistent, and damn good quality. 

What we have up and coming is out of the norm, which is exactly why we’re doing it! 

The next few months- 

Chef Philipe’s Seasonal Offerings

This isn’t your everyday summer prix fixe menu. We’ve crafted an experience here. Each week, Chef Philipe is curating a brand new, three-course menu available throughout our restaurant, catering to those seeking something a little out of the ordinary. 

Pairing wine with excellent food is one of my favorite endeavors. Alongside Chef’s dishes, I’ve crafted wine pairings that go compliment them, focusing on the harmony of flavors while pushing the boundaries of traditional food and wine pairing.

Chef Philipe’s seasonal offerings is an experience that will be available throughout the summer. 

Camp Warren

This is a fun one.

We boast a wealth of talent here, and the best part is it’s diversity. Everyone on our team brings something unique to the table, which is why we are hosting a series of “summer camp” style events, an interactive series where you can get in on the action. 

All camp events start at 5:30 PM.

6/6: Whiskey 101 with Fitzy 

Our OG Spiritual Advisor will be visiting Naples for this class, straight out of Delray!

6/13: DGS Cooking Decorating Class with Chef Julian

Chef Julian is our Pastry Chef, the mastermind behind Damn Good Sweets, our dessert-focused concept.

6/20: Around The World Whiskey Tour with BC

Inspired by our OG Spiritual Advisor, BC is our Spiritual Advisor here in Naples!

6/27: His and Hers Sip & Paint – Whiskey and Wine Tasting with Shelley

Shelley is a staple in our WCC Lounge, and is going to guide you through a whiskey and wine tasting while you paint!

7/11: Wine 101 with Jess

Here, we’re going to be tasting through a flight of wine and learning about what makes them unique!

7/18: Infuse Your Own Whiskey with Jess

Anything you can think of. See what combo works best!

7/25: Blind Wine Tasting with Jess

Think Trivia night but with wine. Having a team of up to 4 is encouraged here, as I taste you through a blind flight of wine and see if you can figure out what they are!

8/1: Cooking Class with Chef Philipe

Learn from the master himself, as Chef Philipe takes years of experience and puts on a fun cooking class for you!

8/8: Classic Cocktail Class with Nick

Nick is our Lead Bartender here at Warren Naples, and is going to walk you through the history of three classic cocktails while teaching you how to make them, and then you’ll get to attempt them yourself.. and drink them!

The Dinner Series 

Highlighting our partners and product is paramount for us. With this dinner series, we aim to highlight and honor specific brands while showcasing what our culinary team is made of. 

Our next installment in the dinner series is Blanton’s. Given the popularity of this bourbon alone, I know it will be a hit. It’s an incredible opportunity to sample the Blanton’s lineup side by side while indulging in a four-course menu served family style, including a 45 day dry aged Tomahawk aged in Blanton’s bourbon! It’s a truly immersive experience in spirit and food pairing. The guided tasting will be lead by Sazerac instructor, Nathan. 

Our Blanton’s Dinner tickets just went live! Get them here.

You can find all event tickets here as well!

We’re keeping things interesting here at Warren, so follow along here, or find us on social media to keep up with the latest! 



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